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Planet Organic

Planet Organic discount code

All Planet Organic discount codes, promo codes and offers of January and February 2018
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Grab your Planet Organic discount code at

Planet Organic is the UK's largest and most popular organic supermarket offering a wide range of produce, snacks, household items and beauty products. Grab your Planet Organic promo code on and get a discount on your next organic grocery order.  Organic food and household products have steadily grown in popularity over the past few decades. While organic food shops were still a rarity twenty years ago, an abundance of retailers catering to lovers of all things natural can be found on every major high street in the UK today. The rising interest in organic food and cosmetics has been imputed to a greater awareness of the environment and the health consequences of toxins used in traditional farming.  Grab you Planet Organic promo code on and begin your journey to health and wellbeing.

The Planet Organic Story

When American-born Renee Elliott opened the first Planet Organic store in 1995, it was her ardent desire to create a shopping space for health-conscious individuals. Combining her love for natural products with business acumen and a joyful disposition, Elliott managed to achieve success where others had failed. Today, Planet Organic is one of the UK's most recognisable brands. Shop the whole range of natural foods today and use your Planet Organic free delivery code.  You can now get a Planet Organic promotional code on to be used on your next purchase of organic goodies.  Treat your friends and family with a Planet Organic voucher code.

We all want our best for our friends and loved ones. Health is undisputedly one of our biggest gifts and concerns - and what better way to care for your wellbeing than by treating yourself and others to wholesome and healthful foods. Make your money stretch further by shopping with a Planet Organic voucher code or a Planet Organic promotional code and enjoy lower prices across a whole range of products.  Londoners are welcome to pop into one of Planet Organic's seven London locations. Alternatively, you can also choose express or next day delivery at checkout. Chilled foods can be delivered to any London postcode. Use your Planet Organic free delivery code from and enjoy free delivery on your order.

Try new things and get your Planet Organic promotional code

Organic foods are locally sourced and are typically more labour-intensive than their mass-produced counterparts. Unfortunately, this means that for some, the cost of organic food, household goods and personal care products is prohibitive. Now you can get a Planet Organic discount code, enabling you to buy healthy, locally grown food that is beneficial to both you and the environment at a discounted price. A Planet Organic promo code from works just like any other discount code, simply enter your voucher code when ordering from the Planet Organic website to enjoy your special discount.

A great way to explore organic food is by cooking and trying new recipes. You can even recreate your favourite desserts using certified organic quality ingredients. Raw chocolate is a popular recipe that doesn't require any cooking experience and is fun to make! You can get all the necessary ingredients online - just don't forget to use your Planet Organic promotional code for a tasty discount. Visit to receive your Planet Organic free delivery code or your Planet Organic discount code and start making healthier choices.

Beauty with a conscience

Organic isn't always about food: you can also buy plenty of household goods and toiletries using your Planet Organic discount code.  A Planet Organic promo code from allows you to purchase household cleaners, washing powder and washing-up liquid containing easily degradable ingredients that are safe for the environment. Switching to natural and gentle household products can be especially beneficial for people with allergies or young children. A Planet Organic voucher code will see to it that you never run out of organic products.  Toiletries and cosmetics are an especially contentious affair. Much has been said and written about the many toxic substances used to manufacture creams, lotions and makeup.

Animal testing is another issue that has incited a passionate discourse in society in recent years, with the EU enacting a unionwide ban on the sales of makeup that has been tested on animals. Unfortunately, some brands still flout these rules by having their products tested overseas. When buying makeup using a Planet Organic voucher code you can rest assured your makeup is cruelty free and has never been tested on animals.  Visit today and search for your Planet Organic free delivery code to save on delivery charges in the UK

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