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Karaoke Island

Karaoke Island Discount code

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    31DEC 2016

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Karaoke Island! They have been in the business of producing music for Karaoke Products for over 15 years. Their customers include entertainers, Karaoke companies, recording studios and lots of home Karaoke enthusiasts. There network of specially selected, trained and experienced musicians and singers work in professional recording studios around the world. Their combined experience in studio session work, live performance and teaching music is reflected in the quality and variety of There Audio songs. All MP3 Karaoke songs available at Karaoke Island have Karaoke lyrics embedded. There MP3 (Audio) songs are now available in 4 formats: 1. There own DKE format embedded, for use with Their free Karaoke Eddie player download free player here 2. LRC file embedded. Karaoke is highlighted by rows. This can be used in certain keyboards. 3. LRC file - external. Karaoke is highlighted by syllable. 4. CDG file, compatible with all MP3+G players. There Audio (MP3) Karaoke can be played back on certain keyboards. These currently include: Korg PA500; PA800; PA1X; PA1X Pro; PA2X; PA2X Pro GEM Genesys; Genesys Pro; Genesys XT Ketron Midjay; Midjay Plus; Audya Not all of Their MIDI-files have Karaoke included - please check on the Song Info page ('i' button next to each song title). Karaoke Island is designed for YOU, so they want you to enjoy your experience with them.

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