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ETA discount code

All ETA discount codes, vouchers and offers of June and July 2017
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    31DEC 2016


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The ETA is a well-known carbon-neutral supplier of vehicle breakdown. It also specializes in bicycle and travel insurance intended specifically for the environmentally concerned customers. Let us explore this history of this organization confirming that the Environmental Transport Association was established in1990 as an ethical supplier of green and trustworthy services. Twenty five years on the ETA keeps on putting concern for the environment at the heart of all they do. In 1994 they managed to found a charity called the ETA trust which is a campaign for a more sustainable, secure and healthy transport future. The Good Shopping Guide voted for the ETA as the most ethical insurance company in Britain. The ETA has a lot of green friends that help them to grow their company thus being able to offer you various sales, promotions and discounts. We offer you our ETA voucher because we believe that nothing can be more important for human being than being surrounded by green and healthy environment.

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