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A Quarter Of

A Quarter Of discount code

All A Quarter Of discount codes, voucher codes and offers of June and July 2017
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A Quarter Of came up with the idea for a fun, old fashioned sweetshop after a conversation in a pub! You'll find all types of UK penny sweets here, from liquorice to space dust, lollies to flying saucers, boiled sweets to Parma Violets, Haribo sweets too... they've even got sweet tobacco! Plus they have some classics that are made exclusively for them - the old-fashioned sweets that you can remember from the sweet shop of your childhood, and many vintage sweets that you've probably forgotten (and those will really bring the memories flooding back, just you see). They sell most of our fab retro sweets in 250g bags... that's over half a pound in old money, so there's plenty for you to enjoy! They over 650 types of retro sweets that you would have found in the old-fashioned sweetshop you loved so much as a nipper. Let's see if I can list one of your childhood favourites: Sherbet Fountain, Space Dust, Sweet Tobacco, Chewing Nuts, Flying Saucers, Rhubarb & Custard, Pear Drops (they have the big Northern ones, and the smaller Southern ones!), Dip Dabs, Anglo Bubbly, Cherry Lips, Cinder Toffee, Dolly Mixture, Floral Gums, Sherbet Lemons, Kola Kubes (they have the ones with the gooey centre, and the ones with the hard centre!), Liquorice Wood, Gobstoppers, Candy Sticks, Candy Necklaces.... the list goes on and on!

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