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Your dream has come true: the shopping you love for £5 at Everything 5 pounds

These days, most of us regularly order clothes via the web, but are we getting the best deals on the things we buy? While almost every online fashion retailer talks a good game, offering promotional sales and discount codes, it still pays to look around for new sites which blend quality products and competitive deals.

That's where Everything 5 Pounds excels. A relatively new player on the UK scene, Everything 5 Pounds do exactly what their name suggests - selling a huge range of fashion items for just £5.

We've become fans of their product range since starting to use them, and you probably will too. That's not just due to the prices. The range of choices and the quality score highly as well. Here are a few buying ideas for discount fashionistas.

Stock up on Bargain Clothes

Above all, Everything 5 Pounds offer a galaxy of women's clothes to order online. At just £5, you might expect the products to be fairly basic and hardly of the highest standard. But a quick browse of their website will quickly change your mind.

There are some amazing offers around (and the range is constantly changing). For example, you can pick up cute A-Line button-up coats, retro-style shift dresses, graceful maxi dresses, and snug knitted jumpers.  Items that would normally retail for £20 or £40 more are there to be ordered for just £5 - making it easy to assemble new wardrobes as the seasons change, or just when you need to create a new look.

Find Great Footwear Online

The same applies to footwear. Most of us spend over the odds for our shoes and boots, and we like to splash out to have the best looking, highest quality designs available. But you can often achieve both goals at Everything 5 Pounds.

For instance, if you're starting a new job and want to look the part, it's a good place to pick up flats and heels with the right kind of design. You can have a fresh pair every day of the week, keeping your outfits nice and fresh.

And you can also create collections for the weekend. With glamorous stiletto heels, elegant court heels that would play well at weddings, and block-heeled sandals for the summer months, Everything 5 Pounds covers pretty much every angle UK shoe buyers could want. And you won't find footwear cheaper.

Accessorise Your Looks By Ordering on the Web

Their online store is also an unbeatable place to add accessories to your collection.

Again, this is an area where we love to mix and match, so having a big reserve of bags, jewellery, hats, gloves, scarves and belts is a necessity. Usually, a well-stocked accessories collection takes time to build up. But thanks to Everything 5 Pounds, you can buy everything at once for surprisingly little.

If you need an impressive clutch bag or a sequin-studded tote bag, they will always be available. New earring designs arrive almost every week, and there's even a range of classic watches to browse as well.

All of this makes Everything 5 Pounds a go-to store for fashion fans. But don't fill up your basket just yet. Really savvy shoppers can make even bigger savings via Everything 5 pounds discount codes - turning great deals into once-in-a-lifetime offers.


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