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Wine Discounts Every Time You Buy: Save Money Without Joining Wine Discount Clubs

In our current economy, a glass of wine at the end of the day seems both more necessary and less affordable than ever. Here are easy tips to make wine more affordable every time you buy.

Wine Discount: Buy By The Case

When you purchase wine by the case, you’ll essentially get a bottle for free. The majority of wine distributors will provide you with a case discount of 10-15% when your purchase 12 bottles at a time, which is like getting a free bottle of wine every time you purchase a case.
While some wine shops require the purchase of a case of twelve bottles of the same wine, and increasing number of shops provide a “mixed case” discount. It may take you a week, a month or a year to go through a case of wine, but no matter how casual a wine drinker you are, you should not pass up that free bottle.

Ask Your Wine Merchant For Help

Establish a monthly wine budget, and ask for help from your wine merchant. You should never feel uncomfortable walking into a wine shop and asking for help assembling a case of wines under, say, $10 per bottle.
Alternately, provide a budget for the entire case, and ask the merchant to make it an interesting mix of “everyday” wines and special wines within that budget. If a wine store makes you feel uncomfortable for having a budget, it’s time to find a new one.

Wine Discount Killers: Grocery & Convenience Stores

Avoid purchasing wine in grocery and convenience stores, as the prices are typically 10 – 30% higher than warehouse stores. Occasionally, grocery stores will have big discounts for free “club card” holders. If the store also offers a half-case (6 bottle) discount, you can save plenty to justify breaking this rule. Do not, however, purchase high-end or storage wines at grocery stores; keep the selections to moderately priced, ready-to-drink bottles.

Wine Discount Mecca: Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s, although a grocery store, offers incredible deals on wine. In states where it is legal to sell wine at a grocer, it’s difficult to beat the wine prices at Trader Joe’s. They also carry the famous Charles Shaw label (also known as “Two Buck Chuck”, “Three Buck Chuck”, or “Four Buck Chuck”, depending on the Trader Joe’s location).

Wine Discount Mecca: Costco

Costco’s professional wine buyers have both great taste and incredible purchasing leverage. If you belong to Costco, maximize your membership by purchasing both your everyday and special-occasion wines through the store. Although you won’t receive a case discount, the prices on wines are typically 10-15% below retail, and almost all of the wines are top-quality for their price range.
With a little advance planning, buying wine by the case, avoiding last-minute purchases, and heading to Trader Joe’s or Costco, you can enjoy wine discounts without joining wine discount clubs.

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