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Using Coupon Websites for Moms: Where to Look to Save Money at the Grocery Store
4th September 2017

With recent economic struggles, many families are searching for ways to save money anywhere they can. Coupons are one way, and knowing how the pro couponers do it is the first step to big savings. These websites are geared towards moms looking to save their family money. They provide the resources and strategies to get the most out of clipping coupons. Learn from them to start saving the most money.

Learn How to Use Coupons with Websites Run by Moms

The best way to learn something new is learning from people who already excel in the practice. The three websites below are run by moms who have become experts in using coupons as a way to save money for their families.



  • The Krazy Coupon Lady ( This daily blog is full of information to help new people understand the concept of coupons. Features include a comprehensive guide to coupon lingo, FAQ’s on the basics of couponing and list of printable coupons updated each week. The writer of The Krazy Coupon Lady does most of the work by providing weekly coupon match-ups with sales taking place at major supercenters, grocery stores and drugstores.
  • A Thrifty Mom ( Run by a stay-at-home mom who started out trying to stretch her family’s budget, A Thrifty Mom thrives on finding the best deals using coupons. For those just starting out with coupons, read the Back to Basics series and Coupons 101 posts located in the sidebar. In addition to providing these fundamental steps, this blog also directs readers to where to find coupons on daily basis whether it is in a Sunday newspaper or through a link to an online coupon.
  • Coupon Mom ( To take advantage of the vast coupon resources available on Coupon Mom, new users must register for the site. This coupon mega-site focuses heavily on printable coupons with links to savings at hundreds of online retailers (not just groceries) and to coupon sites that cater specifically to grocery store products. A unique feature of Coupon Mom is a list of grocery deals by state since coupon usage varies around the country. Users will also find member forums and how-to videos to use as a guide for getting the most out of using coupons.

How to Start Using Coupons

Many moms know the benefits of clipping coupons. From saving a few bucks on one must-have item to saving hundreds of dollars on monthly grocery bills, coupons help lots of families stay within a budget. The problem is knowing how to get started in this money-saving venture.
Take advantage of the resources found on websites. They help you find, organize and use coupons most wisely. Learning and following the tips from other moms can help save hundreds of dollars on grocery bills, restaurant meals and other big purchases.

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