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Obtaining Coupons for Groceries: The Best Sources for Free and Almost Free Grocery Store Coupons
30th August 2017

Even though the Sunday coupon inserts contain a wide variety of coupons, they are not enough for avid coupon clippers. Utilizing the following resources is the sure fire way to obtain grocery store coupons, for almost every product imaginable.

Printable Food Coupons From Manufacturers' Websites

Hundreds, if not thousands, of food and other grocery-related items have found a home on the Internet. These websites offer consumers a wealth of product information, which often includes manufacturer coupons that can be printed on a home printer. The only cost for these is what is spent on paper and ink.
These same websites usually send out an email newsletter, to interested subscribers. Many times these newsletters contain additional printable coupons, as well. (It should be noted that some grocery store chains do not accept home printed coupons, due to coupon fraud issues.)

Social Networks and Free Grocery Coupons

Many companies are taking advantage of their large Twitter and Facebook fan base, by offering free grocery coupons to the masses. Some do this simply by posting special links, while others hold trivia-type contests and award coupons to the winners.
In addition, Twitter has announced plans to initiate a mobile coupon service, for its members. This will allow them to download coupons to a variety of handheld devices and use them when they shop. Look at it as a new twist to grocery shopping on a budget.

Obtain Grocery Store Coupons From Coupon Clipping Services

Coupon clipping services provide consumers with a means to obtain specific coupons, in bulk. It is illegal to buy coupons. So, clipping services make a profit by charging a fee for sorting, clipping and mailing out coupon orders.
Utilizing a service such as this is a great way to stock up on coupons for items that typically go on sale two or three times, per year.

Online Grocery Coupons via Coupon Sites

Aside from manufacturers websites there are also sites that deal strictly with coupons. These websites provide visitors with a wealth of coupons to choose from. As a rule, a software download is required to print coupons on these sites. This is a one-time download that takes up very little hard drive space.
One downfall to this type of coupon site is the fact that they typically impose a "one per visitor" policy. Multiple coupon printing options are very rare.
Using coupons on a regular basis is certainly worth the effort of locating them. Matching coupons up with on sale items saves even more. Coupons are virtually everywhere – from manufacturers' websites, social networks, coupon clipping service providers and online grocery coupon sites – obtaining them is quite simple, indeed!

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