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Grocery Shopping Savings: Even a Large Family Can Save at the Food Store
2nd August 2017

Having a large family can be a challenge when it comes to saving money and having a tight budget. When there are seven kids, two adults, and a couple of pets, the grocery bill alone can be enough to make a mom gasp. One way to cut the cost is to shop wisely.

Here are some tips that may save a bundle:

- Shop the sales. When there is a big sale on toilet paper, or other necessities, stock up. Buying a large quantity can save a lot of money in the long run. Canned goods, non-perishables, paper products, feminine products, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shaving cream, razors, and many other things can be saved for a very long time before using- so stocking up when they are on sale is wise.
- Take advantage of warehouse clubs. BJ's Warehouse, Sam's Club, and other warehouse clubs sell many items in bulk. Buying in bulk may be less expensive, but make sure you are not really paying more by checking the unit price.
- Non-convenience grocery shopping at stores such as Aldi can make the work more, but the grocery bill a lot less. This type of grocery store is able to keep cost down because they do away with conveniences such as giving out grocery bags, bagging your groceries, and having all the food on nice neat shelving. You have to buy the bags, bag your own, and the groceries are usually on crates and still in the cartons they came in- but the savings makes it worth the work.
- Having a freezer that you can fill with meat and frozen vegetables is wonderful for saving money, and very nice in the winter. Many farmers sell beef and pork at a good cost, and will butcher it any way you want. There are also sales that you can take advantage of weekly to buy the meat your family likes in large quantities.
- Use manufacturer's coupons and rebates when possible. There are many grocery stores that double and some that triple manufacturer's coupons. When you have a coupon and a rebate you can sometimes almost get things for free. Keep your eyes open in the Sunday paper for coupon papers.
- You could include the whole family by asking each person to keep their eyes open for good deals, sales, and coupons. It could even be turned into a game to see who can find the best prices by looking in the sales ads.

Saving money may take work and be time consuming, but when you are able to save a substantial amount for your family, it is worth it. Even a large family can live on a budget, and have fun doing it.

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