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Grocery Coupon Websites – Do They Work?
21st July 2017

Grocery coupon websites have emerged in response to an alarming trend. According to Kristen Park and Miguel Gomez, authors of “The Coupon Report,” coupon usage has been declining since the 90s. This is despite the fact that they save consumers over $3 billion each year.

Noting the strength of such a number, grocery stores have revamped their discount strategies. Now coupon for groceries can be found on a number of online networks. However, consumers must know the full story, since not all grocery coupon websites are not created equal.

Online Grocery Coupons Are Distributed in Different Formats

Most people have a certain connotation of grocery coupon websites. They believe that these networks will provide printable coupons. In this situation, a coupon with a traditional UPC bar code is printed out and redeemed in person. It offers the most versatility for offline shopping. However, it is not the only format one will see when finding coupons for groceries.

There are also online coupon codes. They are seen in networks like Peapod or Netgrocer, where you can buy groceries over the Internet. All one has to do is enter in a special combination towards the end of their purchase. This code is usually a series of letters and numbers. When entered in correctly, a discount is applied to the order.

Then there is the most unique delivery. Seen on AOL’s Shortcuts, this method sends discounts directly onto a store card. The discount is applied whenever the card is used, whether it’s online or offline. However, the downside to such a method is obvious. If a person doesn’t have a store card, they cannot receive a discount. This is why Shortcuts also distributes printable coupons for groceries.

Grocery Coupon Websites Sometimes Require a Special Download

Grocery coupon websites are the most convenient when there is immediate access to the discount. However, some networks require users to download a special program before they can proceed. is an example.

While it is considered the best among grocery coupon websites, it does require you to download the Coupon Printer, its proprietary software. For some people, this could be very annoying, especially if they want to conserve space on their computer.

Some Stores Do Not Accept Online Grocery Coupons

When a person uses the Internet to find coupons for groceries, there is always a risk that a store may not accept them. To minimize this risk, it is important to carefully review the terms of the coupon. Some may have limitations on location; others may have expired. And even if everything seems perfect, there is still a possibility of rejection. For this reason, if there is any further doubt, it is best to call the store directly.

Affiliate Blogs are Often Masqueraded as Grocery Coupon Websites

In reality, there are only a handful of grocery coupon websites. In addition to and Shortcuts, there is:
- Valpak
- Red Plum
- Smart Source
- Coupon Chief
- Cool Savings
- Groupon

Anything else could possibly be a blog or a website masquerading itself as a grocery coupon network. How can a person tell the difference? Basically, affiliate sites give users the runaround. They may have to visit dozens of different sites before landing on one of the networks mentioned above. This is assuming that they find any coupons at all. With grocery coupon websites, users have immediate access to the discounts.

Final Verdict - With Caution, Grocery Coupon Websites Can be Very Helpful

Grocery coupon websites can be a great aid for those looking to save money. They can also help people find discounts for specific brands. For example, if a person has trouble finding coupons for Kraft Cracker Barrel Cheese, a quick online search might give them what they need. This allows them to eat their favorite cheese while still getting a chance to save money.

However, grocery coupon websites are not a panacea. With so many affiliate sites, there is no guarantee that a person is connecting to a legitimate network. True, there is no harm in reading Coupon Mom, or other established blogs. But what if a person connects to a network that installs malicious software onto their machine? This is a real possibility in the world of online grocery coupons. That is why a person needs to proceed with caution. If a network doesn’t have any type of press or positive reviews, look elsewhere.

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