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How to Find EBay Coupons: Using Coupons for EBay to Save Money 
23rd August 2017

If armchair shopping, and browsing the deals on eBay is more appealing than going to the store, one is not alone. With the harried pace of today, many opt for shopping online and avoiding the crowds—especially at the holiday season. However, avid eBay shoppers know how easy it can be to get caught up in the “game” only to realize that the win is going to cost more than anticipated.

So, what can be done to offset the cost? And where can eBay coupons be found? These are great questions that need an answer. Whether one has shopped eBay only a few times or on a regular basis, having eBay coupons is a great way to get an even better bid for one’s buck. There are a variety of eBay coupons available, if a person knows where to look.

“In the Know” on eBay Coupons:

1. Think outside the box for how to phrase search queries. Web pages frequently have their own terminology for coupons on eBay.
2. Use eBay coupon codes—while these are released often, they only go to people who have an account with eBay. The coupons are e-mailed based on demographics and user preferences.
3. Understand that only select groups receive ebay coupons at a given time.
4. Recognize that eBay coupons may be nothing more than a series of letters or number to be entered into a box when paying for purchases.

Things to Keep in Mind When Using eBay Coupons:

1. Just because one has a coupon code does not guarantee (unfortunately) that it is usable.
2. Check redemption codes for a list of current eBay coupons and codes.
3. Unless the code was sent to specifically one’s account, it may not work when entered.
4. If the code emailed does not work, phone eBay and ask the CSR to enter the eBay coupon.

Additional savings on eBay can be found by sorting the items that are being bid on by the “Free shipping option”. Also, upon finding a desired item to bid on, offer the lowest, yet reasonable, amount possible and wait to hear back from the seller rather than waiting for the auction to end. Lastly, there are often money saving perks/coupons if one uses PayPal (owned by eBay) to pay for items.

EBay coupons are a great way to add more fun to shopping adventures. So check out sites like coupon claim and others to decrease spending to increase bidding and savings power. After all, saving money on something on an item that would have been purchased anyway is one of the best parts of shopping.

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