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Discover Eve Folk Collection and save on your online shopping

Under the tag line "Join the Sleep Rich", Eve create cutting edge nightwear and mattresses for people who are serious about their slumber.  You might have seen their adverts on buses or Tube stations, showing yellow and white mattresses and the various layers that Eve use to make their products extra comfortable.  Well, now they have branched out into designer pyjamas as well, thanks to a hook-up with the Folk label. Let's have a deeper look at what this tie-in has to offer.

Adding Some Fashion Flair to the Bedroom

Eve have always been a stylish brand. You can tell that from their distinctive yellow and white mattress designs which blend cutting edge memory foam and high-end aesthetics to create bedroom products that all design-conscious homeowners will adore.

But they weren't happy with the state of the UK's nightwear scene. That's why Eve have teamed up with the thriving casualwear brand Folk - to create garments with the looks and quality to complement their mattresses.

The emphasis on this collection is twofold. Firstly, the Folk Collection is practical and designed for comfort. After all, comfort is the core of the Eve brand, and the clothes you wear when you sleep make a big difference to how well you slumber. Secondly, the collection focuses on quality and style, offering designer versions of familiar pyjama items.

Taking Nightwear Designs to Another Level

With the Folk Collection, it's easy to assemble a wardrobe for the night-time hours. For starters, it includes pyjama sets with tops and bottoms as part of the package. They tend to have a relaxed feel and lightweight materials, attractive trims which go well with the white, breathable cotton, and regular fits to suit almost every body shape.

If you don't want to shell out for a full top and bottom combination, the various elements are available separately (for much lower prices), although buying together saves a bit of cash. And there are eye-catching t-shirts too, if you just want to freshen up your nightwear reserves.

Then there are sleep socks. This is where Eve's technical wizardry really comes to the fore. These snuggly elasticated socks look the part, and thanks to their wool-blend materials, they feel as comfy as can be. So you can keep your toes nice and toasty if they slip out from underneath the duvet.

How to Save Money on Eve Mattresses Folk Collection

The Eve Mattress' Folk collection may be a premium range, but it doesn't have to cost the earth. People who value a good night's sleep can use an Eve Mattress discount code on the Eve site to secure huge savings on many of the company's designs.  These discounts can be really significant, so always be sure to check listings sites if you need to buy new bedroom products.

And it's well worth having a look at what Eve have to offer. Sleep matters to everyone. Give yourself the best chance of a solid, refreshing night and do so in style by finding the perfect nightwear from Eve.


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