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How to Use Coupon Codes, Gift Cards, and Discounts for eBooks 
10th July 2017

If you want to the best deal possible on an ebook, you need to buy the book from your computer instead of through your ebook reader.
When it comes to buying ebooks, free is the best price available. There are free ebook sites online for public domain books, and both Amazon and Barnes and Noble offer free ebooks as part of different promotions for ebook readers. If you want to take advantage of ebook offers outside of the free ebook promos, you will have to forgo the convenience of shopping through your device.

Coupon Codes for eBooks

Some ebook retailers seem to have coupon codes on a regular basis. Barnes and Noble will have coupon codes during specific shopping holidays (such as Black Friday) and for B&N members. Borders has been offering coupon codes in emails as they manage their bankruptcy. Kobo is well known for their $1 or $2 off coupon codes and they will often post them on their ebookstores.

Once you have a coupon code, you have to buy though the ebookstore website, not the device. If you have a Barnes and Noble code, you can buy the ebook through the Nook, but your purchase is automatically charged to your card on file. If you buy an ebook from Barnes and Noble through the website, you can apply a coupon code when you check out. When your Nook accesses the internet, it will automatically "see" the ebooks in your library and download them.
You can buy EPUB books from Kobo to put on any ereader except the Amazon Kindle, so if you get a Kobo coupon code, you can buy the ebook from the Kobo website, download the electronic book to your computer, and transfer the book to your device with the USB cable and Adobe Digital Editions.
Of course, the Kobo reader can directly access the Kobo library and the Borders ebook library, so you can buy your discounted book online and then download it through your device. The Kobo ebookstore also works for the Literati.

Using GIft Certificates for eBooks

Amazon's Kindle with Special Offers comes with a code to buy a $20 Amazon gift certificate for $10, which matches a Groupon offer from the spring. People bought $20 gift cards o Amazon and Barnes and Noble for $10 each. You can use the gift certificates for ebooks, but you have to enter them as a form of payment on your account through your computer.

There are two ways to use gift cards for ebooks, and the method is consistent across stores. Using as an example, you can either buy the ebook from and use the gift certificate when you check out, or you can add the gift certificate as a form of payment (just like a credit card) and when you buy an ebook from your device, Amazon will use the balance from your gift card before charging your credit card.
If you have a gift card and you are not able to access a computer, you can depend on the kindness of customer support. I have been out of town and called Amazon to add a gift card to my account so I could download ebooks.

Gift certificates and coupon codes can lead to great deals for ebooks, but don't forget hidden surprises. I love buying ebooks from the eclectic Kobo ebookstore because they have good prices and sometimes they have books that no one else has. However, I am buying books from the United States, so when I buy a Kobo book from the Canadian ebookstore, my credit card company charges a foreign transaction fee that is about the value of a Kobo coupon.

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