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4 simple ways to save on the greatest Groupon deals

Groupon is the leading site to find Groupon discount codes and deals. It offers thousands of different coupon codes. Since its launch in 2008, Groupon has gone from a daily deals website with a few employees to a global e-commerce platform with more than ten thousand employees. Though its services now are in 48 countries, Groupon's primary mission is still local. The site's daily deals offer custom-made discounts from top companies and brands in each area, from museums to restaurants to fitness centres to spas and salons. Groupon also stocks their brand products for your home and curates all-inclusive holidays through its getaways promotions. Groupon is one the most popular online sites to shop for all products. Their main goal is to offer customers with goods at best deals and discounts. Here is how to use Groupon to maximize your savings.

1. Shop on Sale or Promo Days
Purchase goods on Groupon when they are having a sale or promo day. Usually, they will have a special sale sometimes every month that can be used for additional discounts on specific categories like electronics, jewellery, spa items, restaurants, travel and more. An additional great way to save some extra money is to shop during holidays, such as Christmas, Easter, Mother’s day, Valentine’s Day, and New year’s eve when Groupon offers additional discounts.

2. Discount Codes
Groupon features a ‘coupons’ tab on their website. This discount or promo coupons can be applied when purchasing Groupon deals. The Groupon promotional codes can also be used while shopping at other stores. When you use these codes wisely, you can walk away with some incredible savings. At Groupon, you can apply multiple discount code per order just ensure that these promo codes are nor expired or invalid. You can also combine products to hit the $35 minimum for a free shipping Groupon code and save some extra cash. Moreover just purchasing Groupon goods will earn you a promo code for 15% off Bonus Savings that can be used in a restaurant, spa or other local deal.

3. Clearance Section
Keep browsing through the Groupon’s Clearance page, which often lists deals above 80 percent off. The clearance section is where Groupon’s Sales go on an even more significant sale. These items range in price from as low as $3 to $1,300. Items customarily found in the clearance section, are ones that are most likely going to be out of the sale or removed from the website soon. To experience the full advantage of Groupon’s fantastic savings search for items using the categories on the left side of the screen.

4. Refer your friends
Groupon offers a great referral program that allows you to earn $10 in Groupon Bucks for every friend you refer who and makes a Groupon purchase of $10 or more within 72 hours of the referral. To receive the reward, you must have a credit card. Groupon will allow you announce your recent purchase to your friends with a referral link to social sites like Facebook. For each new referral friend that signs up a Groupon account and purchases a product deal through your link, you will receive the 10 dollar referral bonus. So let your friends know about the fantastic deals on Groupon, tell them to use the referral link to get similar deals and help you save. The more referrals you get, the higher the bonus hence more savings.


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