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date: 21st August 2017

Holiday Gift Coupons: A Gift From The Heart: Make Gift Giving Special This Christmas Season!

Why create your own holiday gift coupons? Before there were elaborate Hallmark holidays, before mall shopping became a favorite Christmas pastime, before Martha Stewart dazzled with her ingenuity and ridiculously long Christmas gift lists took precedence over ..


date: 2nd August 2017

Grocery Shopping Savings: Even a Large Family Can Save at the Food Store

Having a large family can be a challenge when it comes to saving money and having a tight budget. When there are seven kids, two adults, and a couple of pets, the grocery bill alone can be enough to make a mom gasp. One way to cut the cost is to shop wisely. ..


date: 26th July 2017

Grocery Coupons, Free Stuff and Travel Deals: How to Save Money in 2017 on Groceries, Holidays and More

Now that the pinch of holiday spending is over, many people are facing the reality of the New Year by taking a hard look at their home budgets. The secret to making ends meet is to start small. Try adding these money-saving grocery tips to your list of New ..


date: 21st July 2017

Grocery Coupon Websites – Do They Work?

Grocery coupon websites have emerged in response to an alarming trend. According to Kristen Park and Miguel Gomez, authors of “The Coupon Report,” coupon usage has been declining since the 90s. This is despite the fact that they save consumers over $3 billion ..


date: 18th July 2017

Finding Free Coupon Codes for Area Rugs: USA Rug Dealer Discounts

Good quality area rugs and carpets are among the most expensive purchases we make for our homes. So if we can find that natural area rug by a particular designer, or that to-die-for Persian rug at a discounted price, we'd be taking smaller chunks out of our de..


date: 12th July 2017

Coupon Organizers: Organize Your Savings with the Best Coupon Holders

Shoppers can save money on groceries with coupons. Here are some easy ways to store and organize coupons for supermarket savings. Day-Timer Coupon Organizer Pretty and practical, the Day-Timer Flavia Gifts from the Earth Coupon Organizer measures 4½ ..