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Black Friday and Cyber Monday last week, the Christmas shopping season is well under way. But, if you thought those sales were hectic, you should check out Manic Monday - where shoppers will again stay home tomorrow as they search the web for pre-Christmas bargains. Clothing, gadgets and consumer electronics have previously topped the online Christmas shopping lists, but anything with gift potential is likely to be snapped up on the day. It has been called Manic Monday because shopping experts say it could be your last chance to order presents and secure delivery in time for Christmas. And they say it could see UK shoppers spend more than £750 million on the web this Monday, with exclusive offers online to entice them. Amazon is releasing lots of limited "lightning deals" (Details of these deals are only released as they become available). Asos, the online fashion giant is offering 20% off branded items. It is believed that the sales hike is due to two in three retailers offering sale discounts, with stores such as Currys, Clarks and Marks & Spencer offering price cuts of up to 65 percent. Retail trend analysis has also suggested that up to 165million retail website visits are expected on Monday. Manic Monday 2017, will be on December 4th, and promises to be bigger and better . Don’t forget to check our exclusive offers, including exclusive Manic Monday vouchers.


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Manic Monday will continue to grow, at the expense of Cyber Monday, because people are comfortable leaving their Christmas shopping later and later due to increased trust in the ability of retailers to deliver closer to Christmas. Retailers said that Manic Monday - the second Monday in December has overtaken Cyber Monday - the first Monday in December - as the busiest internet shopping day in Britain. Shoppers are frantically spending close to £500,000-a-minute online today as the rush to buy Christmas presents peaked on what experts call Manic Monday. James Miller, senior retail consultant at Experian, said: “Manic Monday is expected to take the lead as the busiest pre-Christmas online shopping day”